Buy Original Artwork. Support Art Education.
Buy Original Artwork. Support Art Education.
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How We Give

Displaying art in your home or office can lead to many years of enjoyment.

But what if it could do even more? What if the art you enjoy every day is also helping inspire the next generation of artists?

Buy Art Give Art was conceived to do just that.


We Give to Support Art Education

At least $1 of every $3 we make is allocated to helping sustain and grow art and creativity in schools. 

Every purchase of our original, one-of-a-kind artwork will help schools continue art programs and procure much needed art supplies.

It's a simple concept...  Use art to help sustain art in schools. Inspire the next generation of artists. Repeat. 

Annual Art Giving Fund

Buy Art Give Art allocates 1/3 of annual net profits to our Annual Art Giving Fund.

The fund is allocated on an annual basis to various school art programs to help educators meet basic needs related to art education.

BAGA Grants (TM)

Buy Art Give Art 'BAGA Grants' are our channel to help support the needs of art education programs, especially in low and moderate income areas.

BAGA Grants, often directed to schools in low and moderate income areas, help with the procurement of basic art supplies - paint, brushes, canvas, etc. - vital items needed to expose students to art and self expression.

Art-bassador (TM) Program

To help us along the way, we created the Art-bassador Program as a means of connecting our giving concept with educators. 

Art-bassadors (Art Ambassadors) serve as our liaisons with schools and provide us with ideas and opportunities to help fund through our Annual Art Giving Fund, via BAGA Grants.

Anyone can be an Art-bassador with us!

We are constantly seeking Art-bassadors who have the desire to help children explore art, especially youth in low and moderate income situations. School administrators, teachers, parents, mentors...anyone who wants to see children explore creativity and self expression through art, can help. 

Through our Art-bassador Program, we connect with schools across the United States and provide annual BAGA Grants to help schools procure much needed art supplies.

Contact us to become an Art-bassardor and to help us inspire creativity.

Our Customers

When you purchase from Buy Art Give Art, you're helping support the effort! 

We encourage our customers to continually stay engaged. Follow us on social media, sign-up for our newsletter and read our blog to see the impact your purchase is making in the lives of inspiring young artists.

BAGA Badge (TM)

We also encourage our customers to proudly display a BAGA Badge on their artwork.

The BAGA Badge is a plate (badge), provided with each painting we sell, that can be attached directly to the canvas.  

Attaching the Badge is a simple way to identify your original artwork as coming directly from Buy Art Give Art and can serve as a reminder that your purchase is making a difference.

The Kids - Showing Their Work

From time to time, Buy Art Give Art will provide the opportunity for young artists, from schools who received a BAGA Grant, to display their work on this site, on our social media channels and in our newsletter.

What better way could a young artist feel the sense of accomplishment from their art education, self expression and creativity than to display their masterpiece to the world!

Thank You

Thanks for stopping by to learn how we give.

At Buy Art Give Art, we love what we do and we hope you see the value in our efforts.