Frequently Asked Questions

What is Buy Art Give Art?
Buy Art Give Art offers one-of-a-kind, original artworks made by professional artists. For each artwork purchased, we allocate 1/3 of the net profit to support art education in schools, through our network of ‘Art-bassadors’ (art ambassadors).

How do you give?
Buy Art Give Art allocates 1/3 of annual net profits to our Annual Art Giving Fund. Then, we issue ‘BAGA Grants’ to help support the needs of art education programs, especially in low and moderate income areas. Refer to How We Give for much more information.

A lot of companies give. How are you different?
We support art education to help inspire a lifetime of creativity. We believe inspiring creativity gives more than just a singular, one-time item. It can lead to a lifetime of creation, exploration and self expression. Refer to How We Give for more details.

What is an Art-bassador?
Anyone can be an Art-bassador with us!

We are constantly seeking Art-bassadors who see a need for children to explore art, especially youth in low and moderate income situations. School administrators, teachers, parents, mentors…anyone who wants to see children explore art can help. See How We Give for more info.

Is Buy Art Give Art a non-profit organization?
Buy Art Give Art is a for-profit company with a mission of giving. We adopted the giving business model as a means to help introduce children, notably in low moderate income situations, to art and to inspire a lifetime of creativity.

Are your paintings original?
Every painting we sell is an original, one of a kind artwork. Each painting includes a Certificate of Authenticity and a BAGA Badge.

Are your paintings collectible?
By all means, our paintings can be collectible and we encourage anyone to consider our paintings as a means of:

  • Enjoying the artwork for many years
  • Supporting the proliferation of art education to low/moderate income youth
  • Collecting the artwork as a potential investment.

What is a ‘BAGA Badge’?
Each artwork we sell includes a BAGA Badge, which is a plate (badge) that can be attached directly the painting. It identifies the painting as coming from Buy Art Give Art. To learn more about the BAGA Badge, visit our BAGA Badge page.

How do I shop for a painting?
We recommend that you navigate this store using the size menu if you have a specific size in mind. We offer specific sizes, in both rectangle and square pieces. Remember, each painting is an original piece of art, so a painting may be sold at any time. We suggest buying your painting without a delay! Browse our shop.

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept all major cards via our secure payment gateway.

How will my painting be shipped?
We typically ship via ground service. If you have specific time requirements or delivery needs, please contact us. Also, see our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

How long will it take for my painting to arrive?
General 5-10 business days. For all shipping details, please see our Shipping & Returns page.

Do you accept returns?
Yes. We want you to me totally satisfied with our artwork! See our Shipping & Returns page for more information.

Will my painting come with a frame?
Our work is created in a manner that does not require a frame. However, each work can be framed. At this time we do not offer framing, however this may change if demand warrants.

Will my painting come with a Certificate of Authenticity?
Yes. Each work comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Do you sell your paintings on other web sites or in galleries?
No, we only sell our original paintings exclusively on this site. We do promote our site and art in many ways, including on social media.

Do you sell paintings offline (i.e. can I shop at your store or studio)?
While we appreciate the opportunity to serve our customers and love their interest in our work, we currently do not offer direct, in-person sales.

Do you offer prints?
At this time we do not offer prints, however this may change in the future.

Are the paintings done in oil, acrylic, watercolor or other?
We typically offer acrylic paintings. From time to time we will offer paintings in other mediums, including oil and watercolor. All paintings are original, one of a kind pieces. Browse our shop.

Do you sell paintings in other styles, like realism, impressionist, etc?
We’re glad you asked! Yes, from time to time we will have some pieces that can be qualified as genres other than abstract art.

Do you sell art from outside artists?
Perhaps. There are specific terms and conditions we require for selling other artists work. Please Contact Us for more information.

Do you accept offers for your paintings?
We price each work at very reasonable prices for original art and, therefore, we do not accept offers.

Do you run specials or sales?
Occasionally we will offer sales or specials on paintings. Sale items will be identified on the site.

Is my private information secure?
Yes! – we use secure payment processing and will maintain your privacy, including never sharing your information. Please see our Help page for more information.

Do you ship outside the United States?
At this time we do not ship outside the continental United States. Please refer to our Help page for more information.

Can I commission a painting?
At this time we do not accept commission requests. This may change if demand warrants.

How can I contact Buy Art Give Art?
Please see our Contact Us page to to send us a message.