BAGA Badge

The Buy Art Give Art (BAGA) Badge

Every painting we sell includes a BAGA Badge. Proudly show your painting is an original work from Buy Art Give Art.

What is the BAGA Badge?
The quick answer – it’s a magnetic badge (nameplate) referencing Buy Art Give Art as the source of the artwork. This is both to help identify the piece as a Buy Art Give Art original, but also as a means to identify the connectivity of the artwork to supporting art education. Of course, displaying the BAGA Badge on your paintings is entirely optional.

Due to the nature of our original, abstract artworks – with most paintings providing the opportunity to be hung in multiple directions to suite the owners desires – it typically means our paintings are not signed on the front.

While each painting comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, the artwork does not have an identifiable reference on the front facing you, or other admirers. Due to this, the BAGA Badge was conceived as a way to identify the art, no matter in what orientation the owner chooses to hang the piece. Your painting(s) will come with one BAGA Badge per artwork.

How it works
The badge connects easily to the canvas via magnets. These magnets secure the badge to canvas in the spot chosen and will remain in place long-term. We recommend displaying the BAGA Badge in the bottom right, or bottom left, corner of the painting.

Instructions for securing the badge will be provided with your painting(s).

The badge contains magnets and therefore care should be taken for any owner, or potential admirer, who should not be exposed to magnets.