About Us

Constantly Creating

Our Concept
Our business model is as unique as the art well sell. Buy Art Big Art was conceived as a means of offering original works of art to collectors and art lovers and, at same time, helping inspire creativity in young artists.

Our Story
Launched is 2019, Buy Art Give Art was founded through a love for creating art and the desire to support the proliferation of art and creativity, especially in low income areas.

We offer one-of-a-kind, original artworks made by professional artists, using professional grade materials. Each piece of art we sell is authentic, unique and ready to be proudly displayed. We strive to sell art that can provide a lifetime of enjoyment for the owner.

Our giving model is also unique. By helping sustain and grow art education, we help introduce children to creative channels that can lead them to a lifetime of enjoyment, self-expression and potential career pathways.

Supporting Art Education
We’re committed to supporting art education by allocating 1/3 of net annual profits to support art education. Through our Art-bassador Program (TM), we connect with schools across the United States and provide annual grants to help schools procure much needed art supplies.

To learn more about how we give, or to become an Art-bassador, see our How We Give page.